Lighted Truck Boxes & PowerSync from Weather Guard

Truck Box overview: new gunmetal color, key the locks, PowerSync, install the light bar & pair the key fob for remote keyless entry

Watch as Drew McBride, Morris Marketing’s Director of Field and Training Activities, talks about Weather Guard’s new & updated Truck Boxes.

Check out the new color, plus watch as he keys the locks, installs a light bar and pairs the key fob for remote keyless opening of the boxes.

The new boxes have a sleek new design featuring a new lid profile & introducing the new Gunmetal Gray color.

The boxes have Enhanced Tie Down Buckles offering a larger clearance for universal or multiple straps.

They also have One Key Simplicity –  you can code multiple boxes on a truck or entire fleet to the same key. Or you can upgrade with the PowerSync system for remote keyless entry.

The PowerSync system also allows for interior truck box lights.

PIP’S New Heated Vest

Watch Drew as he talks about the BOSS THERM Base Layer Heated Vest! Email us if you have questions!

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